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Authentic Lebanese Food to Support the Lebanese Red Cross

100% of Proceeds Channeled to The Lebanese Red Cross

Our Mission

On August 4th, 2020, two explosions devastated Beirut, Lebanon. 157 people lost their lives, 5,000 people sustained injuries, and over 300,000 people have been left without a home. While suffering from the disastrous effects of the explosion, overlapping economic, political, and social crises are ravaging Lebanon. Kibbeh Kitchen sells authentic Lebanese dishes and delivers them straight to your home. We aim to foster appreciation for Lebanese culture while raising funds for the Lebanese Red Cross, which is facilitating on-the-ground support. 


Political Crisis

Lebanon's political landscape has been characterized by a corrupt ruling elite that hoards state resources and engages in shady deals to build up their financial empires. As a result, it is unable to provide necessities to the Lebanese people, such as 24-hour electricity, garbage collection, and continuous water supply. After anti-corruption protests erupted in October 2019, which were triggered by new taxes imposed on WhatsApp to pay for the government deficit, Prime Minister Hariri resigned, and a new government led by Prime Minister Diab stepped in that has continued the legacy of corruption amongst Lebanese politicians.

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